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Race Kings Hack – Gold and Cash Cheats

Race Kings is an amazing fast paced racing game, which is extremely popular on Android and iOS pocket platforms. The game allows the players to race against real-time opponents across the globe. If you have a fantasy for racing fast cars and beat other players with your skills, then Race Kings is an ideal game which you need to play. You can enjoy an ultimate racing experience in Race Kings, as it features Cross Platform gaming, where players gaming on different platforms can compete with each other so fir this you may need our Race Kings Hack to dominate the game.

Race Kings Hack

Below mentioned are some reasons which make Race Kings one of the finest racing games of all times:

One On One Battles:

Players are paired against other gamers across the world through an auto-pairing system, where their goal is to beat other player to the finish line. The racing experience provided to the players is one of a kind where you have to drift your way through the narrow racing tracks to win the race. The best part of the game is that the opponents matched by the game actually belong to the same group as the players, which gives them a fair competing chance.

Easy Controls:

The main reason behind the success of the game is its user-friendly controls, which makes it ideal for players of all age groups. The controls featured in the game are prompt based, where you just have to press the right buttons at the right time. Timing is the key; if you press the right buttons as soon as the prompt are shown, you can easily beat your opponent.

You just have to time two things correctly, which are – Perfect Straights and Perfect Drifts, especially during the beginning of a challenge. If you want to establish an instant lead in the battle then time your Straights and Drifts much better than your opponents. You can also enter into practice mode if you wish to master your timing skills.

Licensed Vehicles:


Driving a licensed car is like a cherry on the cake for racing game lovers. Race Kings features over thousands of licensed cars to choose from, and above that you can also customize your ride by choosing from a wide variety of customization options. You can choose to ride some legendary cars such as Ford GT40, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT4, RUF 3800s Coupe, Bugatti Veyron, Subaru BRZ, etc. The vehicles and their graphics featured in the game are exactly identical to the real cars, which improvises the gaming experience. If you want to get more cars quickly simply use our Race Kings Cheats!

Live Events:

To enhance user-experience, the game has designed live events where you get to show your dominance over other players by competing with them in series of races. These races are spread across different race tracks, and if you wish to emerge as a winner then winning a race will not matter! You need to push yourself to the limits in order to win the maximum numbers of races. Rewards are given in the form of new cars or performance upgrades to those players who win these events. And if you loose, don’t worry you can always use Race Kings Hack to get rewards!

High Stake Betting:

The game also offers the players an opportunity to bet money on their race and thereby increase their winnings. You can place a bet on your race in order to earn more money in the game. The more you bet, the better are the rewards! This feature makes Race Kings one-of-a-kind as no other racing game offers this feature.

So, are you ready for some fun time? Well, before you start playing Race Kings game, check out the below mentioned vital aspects of the game.




Coins are the primary gaming currency that can be used for varied purposes, which ranges from purchasing a car to upgrading one. They are awarded to players for playing races; if you win then the rewards are higher and if you lose then the rewards are lower. Also you can acquire lot’s of Coins with Race Kings Hack.

You can also earn some extra Coins by placing bets on your races. In order to place a bet, you have to pre-select the amount that you want to wager. Then, the system selects an opponent that matches your level and bet criteria. If you manage to win, then the entire bet amount will be yours. However, if you lose then the full bet money will be lost. So, make sure you spend a lot of time in practicing races before you start playing bets.


Gold is the premium game currency, which can be used by players to purchase extraordinary or premium items that cannot be purchased through Coins. You can purchase premium vehicles and unlock new vehicles or upgrades by using Gold. Earning Gold is difficult in the game, but players can earn them by winning Event Races or by completing certain levels. However, if you need Gold in large quantities then you can acquire them by purchasing from the game store. Make sure that you purchase a bigger bundle from the game shop, as lucrative offers are available on bigger units of currencies. If you don’t want to spend your money then simply go to our Race Kings Hack.

Cars And Upgrades:

A good car defines the driver! So, you are what you are because of the cars that you drive. Similarly, in the game, you get an option to choose from varied brands of racing cars, so it is advisable to choose your ride after careful evaluation. Each car possesses four different traits, which are Straights, Balance, Agility, and Grip. Each of these traits serves a unique purpose. For instance; if the tracks have less turns, good speed is required whereas cars with better grip will be an asset for quick races. So, it is not only advisable to choose your vehicle cautiously, but you should also carefully work on upgrading the ride completely.

Quest System:

No game is complete if it lacks a proper guided storyline! Race Kings also features a quest system, which provides players with weekly and daily quests. On completion of these quests, you are rewarded with lots of Coins and little amount of Gold too. You can use these currencies to purchase more cars and upgrades. The quests or objectives keeps getting tougher as you move up the ladder from Novice, Rookie, Competition, Challenger, Pro, Veteran, Master and Elite, to the ultimate difficult mode Race King. It also gives them a vision on what should be their next course of action and they can also keep a track on their expected winnings.

Daily Reward System:

In order to give daily users some add-on benefits, the game features a daily reward system. In this system, players are rewarded on successfully signing into the game. You will receive these rewards on each successful day that you login to the game. The best part is that the daily rewards offered also increases on daily basis, which means better rewards for regular players! It is also advisable to collect the rewards on daily basis, even if you are unable to play the game on certain days.

Leader Board:

The game also has a leader board which showcases where you stand among millions of players. The leader board also gives you an idea of where you stand at particular events, who are your close competitors, etc. which in turn will help you in planning your next races.

All in all, Race Kings is an entertaining online game that has received 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, start playing this wonderful game combined with our Race Kings hack and have an enjoyable time.


Race Kings Hack